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Profile of a Baldwin Graduate

Profile of a Baldwin Graduate

From their earliest years, Baldwin students are provided with a challenging, yet carefully balanced curriculum that promotes their intellectual, social, and physical development. Our students have a strong academic foundation that is supplemented by a wide variety of athletic, community, and extracurricular activities. Moreover, because of our strong emphasis on character education, Baldwin students become leaders in the classroom, in the school, and in their community. Upon graduation from The Baldwin School, our students are fully prepared to successfully take their place among the finest students at the college or university of their choice.

Baldwin Graduates are:

Academically Capable and Well-Rounded

Baldwin graduates master the academic skills that help them to be successful in college. They apply what they have learned in creative and insightful ways. They participate in extra-curricular activities that promote the development of skills such as teamwork, leadership, fidelity, creativity, and physical fitness. Our graduates efficiently manage, locate, and use informational and technological resources.


Passionate Learners and Critical Thinkers

Baldwin graduates value learning as a life-long endeavor. They have a breadth and depth of vocabularies to articulate ideas clearly through oral and written expression. They have developed the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that enhance their ability to make sound decisions and reach logical conclusions.


Resilient and Perseverant

Baldwin graduates are aware of their academic and personal strengths and weaknesses. They muster the focus, determination, and action to succeed despite being presented with challenge. They persevere to achieve excellence while demonstrating resilience and optimism in the process.


Empathetic and Compassionate

Baldwin graduates experience the satisfaction of giving and serving. Through community service projects they learn the importance of demonstrating kindness, empathy, and service to those that are less fortunate. They seek ways to contribute in a positive way to their society by working effectively and respectfully with diverse people both as leaders as well as team players.


Responsible and Globally Aware Citizens

Baldwin graduates are knowledgeable and appreciative of the way that culture and history - their own as well as those of others - impact behaviors, beliefs, and relationships. They recognize the importance of taking care of their environment, promoting peace, respecting the dignity and rights of every individual, and helping humanity advance in a positive way. Our graduates are able to work collaboratively, appreciating diversity, and demonstrating self-discipline, dependability, commitment, integrity, and responsibility. They are bilingual, multilingual, or working towards these proficiencies.


Engaged in Healthy Lifestyles

Baldwin graduates have the self-discipline to pursue physical, mental, and emotional health. They have the desire to engage in a healthy lifestyle that includes good nutrition, exercise, personal hygiene, self-control, and the willingness to stay away from high-risk behaviors.

“Baldwin did not simply prepare me for college life with a stellar academic foundation - it taught me how to create strong and healthy interpersonal relationships, how to balance academics with all my other passions, and how to enjoy the joys and challenges of leading a meaningful life.”

Irene García
Baldwin Class of 2013
Columbia University