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SafeTrac Information


SafeTrac Registration and Management

NEW FAMILIES: Will receive an invitation email from Safetrac with a link to download the Safetrac Biz app to your phone. You will also receive a pin # via SMS text message. This pin # is necessary to complete your registration, and it expires after 24 hrs. This brief tutorial video will guide you step-by-step through the registration process. 

STUDENTS RETURNING FROM VIRTUAL PROGRAM: Families who elected to have their child remain in virtual instruction last year are already in the Safetrac system. In your case, you will not receive the invitation email from Safetrac. Instead, proceed to download the Safetrac app from the Apple or Google play store and wait to receive your pin # via SMS text in order to complete your registration. Pin #s will be sent within the next few days and expire within 24 hours of receiving it.

REGISTERED FAMILIES: Families registered in Safetrac last year should ensure they can properly access their accounts prior to the start of the school year. If you have trouble with account access or wristband syncing, please contact Laura Montalvo

The first wristband is complimentary. Any replacement will incur a $20.00 cost. Once fully charged, the wristband’s battery lasts for 3-5 days. It is waterproof, sweat-proof, flexible, etc. Its blinking interphase colors symbolize battery status: 

  • BLUE: charged
  • RED: needs to charge (has a day or less left of battery)
  • YELLOW: when charging and connected properly, it will blink yellow, and turn green once it’s fully charged. If the wristband doesn’t blink yellow while charging, it is not connected properly. 
  • WHITE: the wristband is un-programmed and needs manual programming. You must contact Laura Montalvo to help with this task. 
  • NO BLINKING: the battery is dead.

Syncing the wristband stores all of the user’s contacts (people who have been less than 6 feet for more than 15 mins). If a positive case is identified, the wristband will trace all the persons your child was close to in the last 14 days, and alert you to their risk level:

  • Low (green) – your child is not exposed to the virus,
    low risk
  • Medium (yellow) – 2nd or 3rd degree of exposure to the virus. This means to remain vigilant and to monitor the possible onset of symptoms, 
    medium risk
  • High (red) – your child may have been exposed and should monitor their symptoms closely. Fully vaccinated individuals don’t need to isolate unless they develop symptoms, but may be referred for testing to rule out. Non-vaccinated individuals will need to isolate for 5 days and get tested on the 6th day before returning to campus with a negative result. You will find the Risk level under the Manage Wristband section, below the user’s name.
    high risk


bluetoothTo properly sync the wristband, your phone’s Bluetooth must be turned on and the wristband fully charged. If you have more than one child, make sure to sync the bracelets apart from each other. Having them too close together will interfere with the process.

Students who fulfill the age requirement are the only ones allowed to manage their accounts and perform their daily morning tasks. Parent authorization is required and one of the adults must remain on the account to receive the notification alerts. You must provide your child’s name, cell phone number, and inform which parent/guardian is to remain on the account. The student will need to follow the registration steps mentioned above.

Safetrac has now provided to answer if the returning travel is fully vaccinated or has a negative antigen/PCR test. When answering this question, this will override the “Stay at Home” prompt. Parents of unvaccinated students will proceed to wait the 48 hrs. and then submit their negative PCR/antigen test to the email provided above in order to discharge the “Stay at Home” prompt and return to campus. The travel question is meant to be answered only once upon return from travel. 


The Call Center is available 24/7 to report a positive Covid test result and answer non-technical related questions. If you have medical-related questions or need a PCR test order, the on-site doctor is available Monday - Friday from 8 am - 5 pm. They are reached directly through the app or by calling: 787-200-2764. 


For technical support (ie: password reset, application logged you out, error messages on the app, etc.), email the tech support team at /