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Athletic Announcements & Schedules

Practice Schedules


These will be the practice days until Friday Oct 20.

Our teams will have to work together, so all may have practice time.

Girls JV & Varsity Volleyball
Tue, Thu & Fri 3:30-5:00

Boys JV & Varsity Volleyball
Wed, Thu & Fri 3:30-5:00

Boys & Girls Youth Volleyball
Mon & Wed 3:30-4:15 Girls 4:15-5:00 Boys

Boys & Girls Mini. Volleyball (starts Oct 16)
Mon & Tue 3:30-4:15 Girls & 4:15-5:00 Boys

Boys JV & Varsity Soccer
Mon-Thu 3:30-4:15 JV 4:15-5:00 Varsity

Boys & Girls Mini XC
Tue & Wed 3:30-4:15

Boys & Girls Youth, JV & Varsity XC
Mon, Wed & Thu 4:15-5:00


Always remember...GO BULLS!



Cross Country New Meet Dates

The meets will ALL take place at the campus of American Military Academy. The dates are as follows:

PRHSAA (Youth, JV & Varsity)

Meet 1 Saturday Oct 28, 2017
Meet 2 Saturday Nob 4, 2017
Championship Saturday Nov 11, 2017
Order of Events and times:
1. Varsity Boys 3 miles 8:00am
2. Varsity Girls 2 miles immediately after
3. Junior Varsity Boys 2 miles 
4. Youth Boys 1 mile
5. Youth Girls 1 mile


LAMEPI (Mini Boys & Mini Girls)

Meet 1 Saturday Oct 28, 2017
Meet 2 Saturday Nob 4, 2017
Championship Saturday Nov 11, 2017
Order of events and times:
1. Mini Girls 1 mile 4:00pm
2. Mini Boys 1 mile immediately after



Girls Volleyball Schedules

The Girls JV & Varsity Seasons are going to be played in a shortened fashion. All matches will be played in a jamboree style on Saturdays at different venues. Matches begin at 9:00am and final match starts around 3:30. All teams will play 2 matches per date. Only one match vs each opponent in the original schedule will be played. Playoffs and championships will be played as well.
Here are the dates, the venues and the approximate times for each match. REMINDER- matches can start earlier as well as later. Please make sure you are at the venue 45 minutes before your scheduled match.
Saturday Oct 28, 2017 at Wesleyan
9:00 am Varsity vs Palmas
11:30 am JV vs Beato
2:00pm JV vs Antilles Military
3:15 Varsity vs Antilles Military
Saturday Nov 4 at BALDWIN
9:00am Varsity vs Rosa-Bell
10:15am JV vs Bonneville
12:45 Varsity vs Wesleyan
2:00 JV vs Rosa-Bell
Saturday Nov 11 at Dorado
12:45pm Varsity vs Bonneville
Saturday Nov 18 at Wesleyan
Semi Finals & Finals starting at 9:00am

Boys JV & Varsity Schedule

The Boys JV & varsity Soccer season will be played with a reduced schedule. The format is Saturday jamborees at different venues. Our Div was separated into 2 groups. Our group includes: San Antonio Abad (V), Commonwealth, Dorado Academy (JV) and Rosa-Bell. The other group is comprised of: Perpetuo, Robinson, Wesleyan, Tasis and Palmas.
We are going to play one game versus each opponent for a total of three games. 
Sat Oct 28 at Dorado Academy Field (Quintas de Dorado)
11:00 am JV vs Dorado
2:00 pm JV vs Rosa-Bell
3:00 pm Varsity vs Rosa-Bell
Sat Nov 4 at Baldwin
12:00 pm Varsity vs San Antonio Abad
3:00 pm JV vs Commonwealth
4:00 pm Varsity vs Commonwealth
Sat Nov 11 Semi Finals site:TBA
Sat Nov 18 Finals site:TBA
We are very excited that the boys can play even the reduced schedule. No changes will be made on the dates to be played. However ALL VENUES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.



Will your student be participating in Baldwin Athletics this year?

If yes, be sure to read the Athletic Parent Presentation and fill out the acknowledgement form on the last page to indicate you have read it.
All parents of athletes need to submit this form. Thank you for your cooperation!
(Click to open the pdf directly below.)


Gym Hours for students in 10th - 12th grades

The Baldwin Weight Room will be open Tuesdays & Thursdays from 3:30 - 5:00pm. Students in grades 10-12 can come in and work out with supervision by Sebastian Cambo, PE Teacher. (Mr. Cambo will be supervising the Weight Room, he will NOT be training students.) To use the weight room, regular rules will be in effect:

  • Proper Attire (t-shirt, shorts, sneakers).
  • Proper behavior (no horseplay)
  • Towel is mandatory