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About Us

The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) focuses on serving as a liaison between the Baldwin Parental community and the Baldwin staff and faculty. This partnership is formed with great enthusiasm, dedication and creativity. Parent volunteers, elected board members, and the annual committees work together to enhance the educational experience of Baldwin students by building community spirit; facilitating communication between families and staff; and supporting activities for students, teachers and parents to enrich the school curriculum.


PTO Board Members 2017 - 2018

Esther Calvo
Tere Casellas
Martyn Crew
Carla Deyá
Roberto Fernández
Fifi Garity
Liliana Emanuelli
Lina Kitsos
Monique Lugo
Astrid Martínez
Amisha Patel
Mari Rodríguez
Melanie Rodríguez
Tori Soltero

Parents Together
Sylma Collazo and Wilhelma Echevarria

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