Service in Action!

The Community Project, which Baldwin students complete in 8th grade, encourages students to explore their right and responsibility to implement service as action in the community. Students may complete the community project individually or in small groups.

It is both gratifying and enlightening to hear the presentations on how our 8th graders devoted their time to a wide variety of topics. They researched, created action plans, and enthusiastically gave service in areas they identified to be in need. Each project presented its own set of challenges and rewards. Allowing our learners another opportunity to be responsible and globally aware citizens.

Some excellent examples of this year’s Community Projects are:

  • A Hand for a Paw: by Aadi Patel, Ricardo Pérez, and Sergio Lugo

Their mission: To help reconstruct an area which was damaged during Hurricane Maria at Santuario de Animales San Francisco de Asís. To raise funds to build a gazebo which could be used for adoption fairs in the sanctuary. To donate food and materials to the organization.

  • Project CURE: by Aramis Rivera, Camelia Elías y Fernando Fernández
    Their mission: To spread awareness about Type 1 Diabetes to students, teachers and adults of all ages in different schools and professional environments of the metropolitan area.

  • SER como somos: by Natalia Amaro, Victoria Woodruff, and Caridad Álvarez
    Their mission: Rebuilding the garden at this center for people with disabilities and autism which include buying plants, soil, and cement.

  • Technological Rehabilitation: by Giancarlo Allio, Daniel Gómez, and Alejandro Pérez
    Their mission: Create a functioning school computer room at Escuela Especializada en Desarrollo de Talento José Campeche by using existing computers and upgrading their capabilities

You can learn more about the research, planning, actions, and reflections of each of these groups by viewing their wonderful presentations in the attachments below.