Preschool program at The Baldwin School of Puerto Rico

Service in action!

Alexandro Kontokalos '20, started an initiative to raise funds to help build a therapy gym for the Childrens Hospital (Hospital del Niño en Guaynabo) as part of his IB CAS project. With the contribution of friends, family and two corporations, Alex was able to raise $3,811 for the Hospital. After dedicating a total of 74 hours of direct contact with the kids during last school year, Alex was chosen to speak in a radio interview about his commitment, experience as a volunteer, and to encourage the participation of corporations, schools and other citizens with the Hospital. “For me it’s very important to help this local institution since I'm working hard to build something bigger than myself, a legacy, to assure that the Children's Hospital will have the help it needs long after I am no longer a student in Baldwin” affirmed Kontokalos. For more information on this project, contact: