Preschool program at The Baldwin School of Puerto Rico

Exploring assistive technology

In August 2019, our students engaged in the IB inquiry unit: “Who We Are, You Me Us! Exploring our similarities and differences help us value and embrace ourselves and others.”

To compliment this unit, we had the honor of a special visit from Sofia Pantel del Cueto (‘05)! Sofia is the Information and Communication Technology Accessibility Coordinator at PRATP UPR. She was joined by Sila Ortega, Program Officer at PRATP.

Sofia is blind and brought her seeing eye dog as well as some devices to show us how technology works for people with visual impairment. She answered our all of our questions; showed us walking canes, braille blocks and paper; and demonstrated how she uses her iPad to read and do things using touch and hearing senses, like reading a book. As always, It was wonderful to spend time with an alumna. Sofia even told the kids how excited she was to be back at school and reconnect with some of her former teachers and staff! Thank you Sofia and Sila, for visiting and teaching us!