Elementary School program at The Baldwin School of Puerto Rico

Nan Panyol Sister School in Haiti


Valeria Busquets ‘20 and Javier Nazario ‘22 give thanks to all that have participated in the Uniform Drive for the Baldwin Sister school in Haiti. In May, they received many uniforms that will be sent to Haiti in the coming weeks. In addition, they have committed to also sending much needed school supplies

Please help them reach this goal by donating the following:

  • Oxman Center - Pens (red, blue, and black) and Pencils (one pack of pens and pencils per student)
  • First and Sixth grade - Color pencils (two small packs per student)
  • Second and Seventh grade - Rulers
  • Third and Eighth grade - Protractors 
  • Fourth and Ninth grade - Loose leaf paper
  • Fifth and Tenth grade - Small Scissors
Items will be collected all next week in marked boxes in front of the main office and each of the principal’s offices. (Everything must be shipped out by the first week of September so they can receive them in time to start their school year.)

Thank you for your support!