Letter to the Baldwin Community from Mr. Douglas Pennock


As the longtime Chairman of the Baldwin School Board of Directors, Lifetime Member of the Corporation, parent, and current grandfather of two Baldwin students, I would like to publicly congratulate and applaud Board Chairman and the entire Board, Headmaster, James Nelligan, his administrators, teachers, the universe of support staff, parent volunteers, and even Dribble, the turtle.

I am so proud to have been a small part of the Baldwin community for nearly 40 years, but I’m prouder still of what our school has become. We are an example of what excellence in education should look and feel like. What separates organizations from the herd is how they react during stressful and challenging times. Hurricanes and earthquakes are bad, but the current COVID-19 Pandemic is a true measure of an organization’s mettle.

In my opinion, the thought and energy that has transpired in the planning and implementation of Baldwin’s distance learning program is the “Gold Standard” of how a school of any level should operate. The personal touches and love shown towards our 2020 graduating class is truly inspiring, and a testament of how much all of those young men and women matter to all of us.

To the Class of 2020, I am so sorry you were not able to walk and socialize on the campus for the last semester of your Senior year. I am so proud of how you have all carried yourselves during these difficult times. Believe it or not, this event will add another arrow in your quiver of experience and wisdom in your young lives, which most unquestionably will make you all better world citizens.


Douglas W. Pennock