Preschool program at The Baldwin School of Puerto Rico

Model UN Virtual Competition

Bulls Pride Shout out to all Baldwin Model United Nations members who participated in the Tasis Model UN competition in October!
Students engaged in a debate competition joining in with other students from schools around Puerto Rico virtually!
The following students received special recognition and awards:
Crisis Committee:
  • Chairperson - Lucienne Totti
  • Outstanding Delegation - Ana Aguilar and Manuel Oliveras
Marine Human Trafficking: General Assembly Committee
  • Oral Mention - Gabriela Oller
  • Written Mention - Inaya Rivera and Paola Soler
  • Outstanding Delegation - Irene Lockwood and Sofia Perez
  • Best Delegation - Chloe Goldberg and Alejandra Lozada
Economic Committee: 2008 Housing Crisis
  • Oral Mention - Justina Alvarez and Ariana Sabnani
  • Written Mention - Alejandro Menéndez
  • Best Delegation - Daria Figlus and Aleida Fernandez
Puerto Rico Committee: Ocupación Naval de Vieques:
  • Oral Mention - Aliana Busquets and Ayani Rivera
  • Written Mention - Gabriela Perez and Mariana Guzman
  • Written Mention - Gabriel Bonilla and Briana Quintana
  • Written Mention - Valeria Hidalgo and Ema Lopez
  • Best Delegation - Mia Potter and Amanda Delgado
Jr. Committee: Treatment of Aquatic Animals
  • Oral Mention - Sabrina Feliciano and Caroline Peabody; Sofia Mojena and Federico Gregory
  • Written Mention - Mica Serber and Cleo Miyake
  • Outstanding Delegation - Zoe Bernales and Reina Coronado
  • Best Delegation - Isabel Rodriguez and Mariana Algaze
Congratulations to everyone! Go bulls!