Class of 2021

Cleats for Haiti

Since 2016, Baldwin has fomented a relationship with a sister school in Nan Panyol, Haiti. Ana Paulina Oliveras and Bianca Mark, two Baldwin alumni, began this beautiful relationship with a mission to provide help to this small agricultural community in the mountains of Haiti. In the past years, we have sent uniforms, school equipment, shoes, among others.

This year, after a change in la Foundation Louis Lamotte’s vision (the foundation that aids the school directly) they have asked for cleats and uniforms once again. Soccer is a sport that is enjoyed by many in the town and they are trying to empower the youth to play sports as it is one of their only ways out of the little town they live in. For this reason, they have asked us to collect and donate cleats and uniforms.

We have been saving some uniforms from past drives that will be sent. There are over 300 uniforms all ready to be donated. I just kindly ask that if you have any soccer cleats or know of anyone that has any soccer cleats that are not being used please collect them and drop them off at the guard at Baldwin. This drive will begin Monday, November 2, 2020, and end Friday, November 20, 2020. Please make sure that the cleats are wearable. It does not matter what size, make, or mark the cleats are we will accept anything you guys have.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Javier Nazario (