class of 2021 athletic letters

UPenn’s Wharton Global Youth Program

Bulls Pride Shout Out to Chili Pramoda, '24 who is a Semifinalist in the 2021-2022 UPenn Wharton Global High School Investment Competition!!
The review teams from the Wharton Global Youth Program and Aberdeen Standard Investments have selected Chili's team report as one of the top 50 out of the nearly 1,300 final reports received. "We were impressed by the strength of your investing knowledge, creativity, and teamwork. Congratulations on your team’s excellent achievement!", as stated in a letter from the Wharton Global Youth Program.
Chili has led a team with three other members from different parts of the US throughout fall 2021 to develop their initial deliverable. They are now working towards their deliverables for next week, trying to advance the top TWO teams that will move to their Global Finale in April 2022.
Congratulations Chili, you make us #BWNPROUD!!