Summer Institute at The Baldwin School of Puerto Rico

Baldwin School is Active at the Liga de Oratoria de Puerto Rico

Jean Pablo Amodóvar (12th grade) won 2nd place in the category of Improvisation. 

We are proud of our semi-finalists: 
Camila Nazario (10th grade) in the Original category, 
and Alberto Tirado (9th grade) in the Oratory category. 

Congratulations on an amazing performance by our students in the following categories
Poetry: María Fernanda García (11th), Ana Paulina Olivares (9th), and Luis Dávila (12th)
Oratory: Linette Rivera (11th), Paula Ledo (9th)
Drama: Janisha Rodríguez (12th), Iván Finkelstein (12th), Sabrina Ferrer (12th)
Original: María Eugenia García (11th). 

We also give a special thanks to our team of Middle and Upper School Spanish teachers who helped prepare our students!