Theater and Drama Program at The Baldwin School of Puerto Rico

Honors Luncheon 2014

On Friday, May 23, 2014 we hosted our Honors Luncheon in which we celebrate our Faculty & Staff for their years of service to Baldwin School. Our Honorees this year are:

10 years
Marjorie Barreto
Sebastián Cambó
Gilberto Crúz (not pictured, absent to ceremony)
Lina León
Marian Rodríguez (not pictured, absent to ceremony)

15 years
Liliana Brugueras
Maripili Fernández (not pictured, absent to ceremony)

20 years
Jazer Avila
Pedro Hernández
Tere Ledesma

25 years
Bill Collazo
Sheila Conley
Iris Christian
Ceida Fernández
Mercedes Nakachi
Minerva Ramos

30 years
Trudy Pennock

Special Awards

Generosity of Spirit Award: Socorrito Díaz (Elementary School Art Teacher)
  • This award, established last year, recognizes those special people who selflessly give their time and spirit, and who communicate the power of human kindness through their daily actions. They are the ones that, through their smiles and sincerity, make any day a good day.

Capacity Building Award: Inés Muñíz (M/U school Science Teacher)
  • This award, established last year, recognizes those efforts, far and above what could reasonably be expected of a colleague, that build capacity and extend opportunities to our students. Think of people, who don't ask or look for recognition; who build programs for kids (academics, sports, clubs, support, extracurricular, etc.)