Bulls Pride Shout Out to Coaches Sheila Conley and Sebastián Cambó!

Sebastián Cambó, an intern in Clinical Psychology at Carlos Albizu University, presented his doctoral thesis: “Manual para fortalecer la autoestima en jugadores de football y maximizar el rendimiento del equipo.” (Manual for building self-esteem in football players and maximizing team performance.)

Sheila Conley received the honor of the Athletic Dedication for her many years as an international athlete of 4 sports: beach volleyball, indoor volleyball, track & field and gymnastics. Sheila is one of a selected few Puerto Rican athletes who have been able to compete internationally in 4 disciplines.

We are very proud of our outstanding P.E teachers!


Pictured here:  Athlete's dedication to Sheila Conley, Sebastián Cambó delivering his presentation, with Dr. Regina Brandeau (Sports Psychologist for Brazil Mens Soccer National Team), and with Dr. Joaquin Dosil (President, SIPD).