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Soccer Coach Juan Jose Pacheco "Pacha" is inducted into the Puerto Rico Sports Hall of Fame!

Bulls Shout Out to Juan Jose Pacheco 'Pacha' who will be inducted into the Puerto Rico Sports Hall of Fame. His contributions to the game of Soccer, and the main part he played in bringing FUTSAL to Puerto Rico many years ago, are some of the extraordinary achievements he has under his belt.


Considered one of the most outstanding South American players to participate in soccer locally, he was a prominent figure in his days of glory and he is held, along with his compatriots Jaime Arroyabe, Orlando Monroig and Gustavo Forero as one of the four best players in 'Boricua' soccer.


Pacheco, aka Colombia, or simply Pacha, will always be synonymous with Master, on the pitch as well as off. His participation in the Remanso Soccer Club in the island's capital and in the PR National team signaled a before and after in the history of said soccer club. Through his presence in both, a Colombian will always be mentioned in greatness in the locker rooms, hallways and throughout the stadiums that he competed in as a rival.


He was a member of the PR national team that participated in the 2-game series against the fearsome US professional team the Philadelphia Fury at the Sixto Escobar Stadium in San Juan on March 24-25 1980. He also was a member of the national FUTSAL team.


He was a Liga Atletica Universitaria (LAI) champions in 1979-1980 with the UPR-Mayagüez Tarzans with a record of 5 wins and 3 ties.


Through his performances and his stats he is awarded the great privilege of being inducted into the Hall of Fame of Puerto Rico Soccer.


We are very proud of Pacha and hope he continues to offer our students his expertise and love of the game! GO BULLS!