OMPR Results

Awards received for Phase 2:

  • Ian Báez - Gold medal
  • Rafael Quinodoz Cruañes - Silver medal
  • Gabriel Comas Revuelta - Bronze medal
  • Laura Charria Ruiz - Silver medal
    Jorge Pérez - Gold medal; and a Bronze Medal for XXII Olimpiada de Mayo
Students who qualified/competed for Phase 3:
  • 4th grade: Ian Báez and Adrián Méndez
  • 5th grade: Isabella Charria Ruiz and Estefania Puig Cruz
  • 6th grade: Rafael Quinodoz Cruañes
  • 7th grade: Maruquel Tampe
  • 9th grade: Laura Charria Ruiz and Gabriel Comas Revuelta
  • 11th grade: Diego Álvarez Vega, Emilia Fallman Tirado, and Jorge Pérez
Awards for Phase 3:

These students have obtained some of the best scores in the third-phase exam in the Olimpiadas Matemáticas de Puerto Rico (OMPR), held at UPR, Recinto de Mayagüez. (Students in 4th - 6th grades received medals; students in 7th - 12th grades continue onto further training with OMPR.)

  • 4th grade: Ian Báez - Bronze
  • 5th grade: Isabella Charria Ruiz - Bronze
  • 6th grade: Rafael Quinodoz - Silver
  • 11th grade: Diego Álvarez & Jorge Pérez are invited to participate in this year’s OMPR Camp for Olympic Students.