Uniform Drive for Haiti

Dear Baldwin Community,

The time has come for the annual Baldwin Uniform Drive, a yearly event taken place at the end of each year, in which boxes are placed around the campus to collect lightly used uniforms. These uniforms will later be organized and sent to our sister school in Haiti, the Nan Panyol community. Boxes will be placed on May 1st near the Elementary Office, the OECC Office, and the Administration Office.

The children of the school depend on these uniforms and depend on us for many other activities we’ve held. As the school continues to grow, so must our donations and compassion towards them. Sadly, as a senior, this is my last year coordinating this project. I am honored to pass on the project that my sister and I started to Maria Luisa Colon and Mariola Busquets.

Thank you!

Bianca Mark