Learn and Play Summer Program at Baldwin School

Update from the Headmaster


Dear Baldwin families,
I am happy to report that school is in session, and things are getting back to normal. Campus looks great, especially considering what greeted us the day after Maria made landfall. I taught my two TOK classes today--my students are clearly happy to be back and eager to get to work. My colleagues report the same of their students. Everywhere there is positive energy and palpable relief.
The cafeteria is open for breakfast and lunch, offering a full menu. There is no snack bar this week. Cafeteria-related inquires should be directed to cafeteria personnel.
For now, we are on generator power. We are conserving energy where we can. Microwaves are unavailable this week. If you send your child's lunch from home, please send cold lunch, or preheat their meals and place them in a thermos or similar heat-preserving container. We are unable to warm meals.
Due to broad public health concerns, we are turning off our water fountains until further notice. Please send your children with bottled water. Water, and other beverages, is also available at the cafeteria while supplies last.
The following after school programs: athletics, tutoring, aftercare, begin on Wednesday. Please confirm your child's attendance with coaches, teachers, and staff.
Our athletic league has modified the fall season. Further information is forthcoming.
Beginning Wednesday, the library will have extended hours so students can study if they have no electricity or internet available at home.
There will be no summative or formative assessments for PPK-11 this week.
Our phone lines are still down. Should you need to reach the school, please contact Gamaliel Rivera at the business office at (787) 505-0839 You can also email your respective division offices and leaders.
James Nelligan