Preschool program at The Baldwin School of Puerto Rico

Health and Wellness Fair



Thank you!

Our first Health and Wellness Week was a complete success! We hosted five days of activities, workshops, and exhibitions related to wellness, a healthy lifestyle, and disease prevention for our Baldwin community.

We would like to thank our school principals: Mrs. Maícha Porrata, Mrs. Nancy Pagán and Mrs. Elimari Sánchez, the teachers, the maintenance crew, the Technology Department and everyone else who helped make this week awesome. We must properly highlight our Health and Physical Education Department teachers, whom deserve a standing ovation for the work and energy they put into this event!

Finally, to our sponsors and our Baldwin parents, who supported this endeavor from the beginning and contributed to its great success: Dr. César Gómez, Dr. Miguel Santiago, Dr. Ingrid Puig, Dr. Pedro Díaz Ortíz, Dr.Manuel Del Toro, Dr. Iván González Cancel and Dr. Liv Cuyar, THANK YOU for advocating and committing to make a difference in the lives of our students and employees. We can accurately say on their behalf that your presence made a huge difference in their wellness week experience.

With a sincere and heartfelt appreciation,

Sheila Conley and Betzaida Rivera
Health and Wellness Week Coordinators



Health and Wellness Day on Feb 21 from 9 - 4pm in the VPAC.  

Wellness Fair Exhibition Booths:

  • Viva Clinic Mental Health - Dra Valerie Stipes/ Dra Karen G Martinez
  • MCS BMI screening
  • MCS Blood Pressure screening
  • MCS Glucose Screenings
  • MCS Cholesterol Screening
  • Elimina Piojos - Lice prevention and treatment
  • Puerto Rico Imaging Center - Dr Pedro Diaz
  • HCOA Fitness
  • Equilibrium Fitness Club
  • CrossFit Guaynabo
  • Brain-Gym ( Connecting Brain, Sound and Movement)
  • Inner Therapy and Inner Yoga
  • Caparra Dental - Dra Ingrid Puig
  • Narcotics Anonymous
  • Alcoholic Anonymous
  • MCS Nutrition and Healthy Eating
  • Servicios Preventivos de la Salud de Puerto Rico (Breast Cancer & Osteoporosis Prevention)
  • Clinica Oftalmológica - Dr. Manuel Del Toro (screening for keratoconus)
  • First Hospital Panamericano (Mental Health prevention)
  • Instituto de Ojos - Dr Miguel Santiago
  • Recinto Ciencias Médicas - STD Prevention
  • Health to Help - Patricia Deyá
  • Asociación de Estudiantes de Ciencias del Ejercicio y Promoción de la Salud  Universidad del Sagrado Corazón
  • Nutrilite / Análisis Corporal - Jennifer Mota
  • Musculoskeletal Sonography, Laser & Ultrasound Therapy - Dr. César Gómez

Influenza Vaccination Clinic:

  • Wed Feb 21 in front of the VPAC
  • Registration form must be submitted before Thu Feb 15

Breakfast Conference for parents and teachers: 

Pfizer Pharmaceutical is sponsoring an educational presentation with Pediatric Endocrinologist Dr. Carlos Leyva: “Growth Standards in Children” for parents and teachers from PK to 9th grade. Dr. Leyva will be addressing the following themes:

  •        normal growth and growth failure
  •        causes of growth failure
  •        five types of growth hormones disorders
  •        treatment options

The workshop will be held on February 21 from 8:30-9:30 at the OECC Multipurpose Room.


During Health and Wellness Week Feb 19 - 23, students will participate in the following activities:

OECC and Elementary students should wear the PE Uniform everyday during the week of Feb 19 - 23.
Mon Feb 12:
  • Brain Gym for OECC with Carmen Montoto
Fri Feb 16:
  • Stress Management with Dr. Peter González for MUS students
Mon Feb 19:
  • Gymnastics for OECC
  • Inner Yoga for Elementary
  • Fitness Workout for Teachers & Staff with Equilibrium Fitness Club
  • Eating Healthy with Dr. Yadilis Rosario for 8th grade
  • Take Care of Your Heart with Dr. Cancel for 6th grade
  • Radiologist's Roll Within Healthcare with Dr. Pedro Díaz for 9th grade
Tue Feb 20:
  • Dental Hygiene with Dr. Puig for 1st grade
  • Eating Healthy with Dr. Cambó for 2nd grade
  • The Importance of Physical Exercise with Coach Norlando for 3rd grade
  • Personal Hygiene with Mrs. Ledesma for 4th grade
  • Team Building with Dean Casas for 5th grade
  • Zumba Dance for OECC
  • Eating Disorders with Dr. Valerie Stipes for MUS students
  • Contagious Disease Prevention with Dr. Liv Cuyar for 7th grade
  • Crisis Management with Dr. Catherine Cox for 10th grade
Wed Feb 21:
  • Health and Wellness Fair for all students, parents, and employees
Thu Feb 22:
  • Special Activities for MUS students - archery, tennis, kick-boxing, yoga, cross-fit, volley soccer, frisbee, and waterpolo
  • Colville Fitness for Kids in 3rd & 4th grade
  • Jump Rope for your Heart for Elementary and OECC
Fri Feb 23:
  • Coach for Kids in OECC
  • Zumba for Elementary
  • Mental Health with Dr. Karen Martínez for 8th grade
  • How to Identify a Heart Attack of Stroke for 9th grade
  • Fitness Circuit for 6th & 7th grade
For more information please contact Nurse Betzaida Rivera 720-2421 x266 or Coach Sheila Conley 720-2421 x230 

Sponsored by Baldwin School Physical and Health Education Department and Baldwin School Employees Wellness Program