Elementary School program at The Baldwin School of Puerto Rico

Regional Science Bowl Competition at UPR Mayagüez

Bulls Pride Shout Out to our MUS Science Bowl teams who participated in the Regional Science Bowl Competition at UPR Mayagüez.
Middle School team 1 won 2nd place, while the Upper School team placed 5th place among 18 teams. Congratulations to all!

Middle School Team 1
  • Benjamin Zavala
  • Aadi Patel
  • Yash Patel
  • Juan Cabrera
  • Nikhil Patel
Middle School Team 2
  • Raj Patel
  • Mia Potter
  • Alexandra Puig
  • Natalia Díaz
  • Justina Alvarez
Upper School Team
  • Arturo Pizarro
  • Jorge Pérez
  • Alexandra Piñero
  • Ana Leonard
  • Felix Rolón

Assistant Coaches: Marcos Tamargo, Carlos Cordero y Félix Rolón