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Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dear Baldwin School Community:


Who could have predicted that my first year as Chairman was going to be so exciting? To say the least, it has been an interesting seven months since our current 2017/18 school year started and Puerto Rico endured one of its most severe natural disasters in over 100 years.  We do hope that you have all been able to recover and are doing well. So here we are 200 plus days after María, school bells ringing while faculty, students and administration shuffle back and forth to their daily responsibilities. What a beautiful sight!

I would like to recognize James Nelligan for the hard work and leadership demonstrated during the recovery of our campus, as Baldwin was one of the very first schools to reopen. I would also like to thank the greater Baldwin community, students, parents, faculty, staff and administrators who contributed their valuable time on campus towards our recovery efforts. Our community grew stronger, together!

As we prepare to celebrate our 2017/18 graduate class, their academic achievements were nothing short of extraordinary given this year’s circumstances and the roster of university and college acceptances. Our enrollment for next year also remains strong. For the Board, this is affirmation that investments in faculty, administration, school facilities and our IB curriculum have been endorsed by our students and their families seeking the best educational experience for their children's future. Further testament to the strength of our IB curriculum, next year we celebrate Baldwin’s 50th anniversary and graduate our first full Diploma Program class. Well done!

Of further notice, I would like to acknowledge our elected officers of the Executive Committee: Mr. Federico Sánchez, Vice President; Mrs. Alexandra Calderón, Treasurer; Mrs. Aleida Arbona, Secretary and Mr. Antonio L. Ferré Rangel, Governance Officer. This year along with the rest of our Board members, Mrs. Sonia Látimer de Caso, Mr. Alberto Ledesma, Mr. Enrique Arsuaga, and Mr. Mike Soto, we also welcome to the Board our newest officer, Mrs. Dora L. Monserrate Peñagarícano. 

In closing, on behalf of the Board, I would like to acknowledge the masterful leadership and achievements of our exiting Chairperson, Mrs. Sonia Látimer de Caso. Under Sonia’s leadership, Baldwin made history by completing the transition to become Puerto Rico's first fully accredited, Primary, Middle and Diploma Program, International Baccalaureate Institution and the 318th World Continuum School. This has been a historic endeavor that required collaboration, commitment, discipline and flawless implementation by faculty, administrators, students, parents and the Board of Directors. Mrs. Latimer will also continue to Chair the Scholarship Committee, which she helped to establish over 18 years ago and has served to enrich the Baldwin community. This and many of Sonia’s contributions to Baldwin will be forever appreciated and recognized.

I acknowledge the opportunity and confidence placed in me to lead Baldwin towards continued growth. I’m committed to serving all within the Baldwin community and thank you for your support.




Joaquín Bacardí

Chairman of the Board of Directors