Learn and Play Summer Program at Baldwin School

Headlines with James Nelligan

A warm welcome to all new and returning families. I hope that your summer was both relaxing and fulfilling, rich with warm memories of time spent with family and friends. The faculty and staff are excited to have your children back on campus, and equally energized by the prospects of a new year. The 2018-19 school year is the 50th in the history of our very special school. We will celebrate this important milestone throughout the year. We’ve got a few surprises planned, so stay tuned. 

While you were away, we’ve been busy attending to all our campus spaces. Last fall’s hurricanes actually did quite a bit of damage to our campus, even if much of it was hidden from plain view. Some projects were too large to begin while students were on campus. Since June, we’ve cleaned, repaired, and resealed all our rooflines. We’ve repainted all our buildings, including the inside of the Pennock Field House. We reconstructed a significant percentage of the tennis court subsurface and supporting columns, and await the new fencing, lighting, and court surface. We spruced up all our green areas. Classroom interiors were repainted and all floors polished. We replaced the concrete near the middle school bathrooms and the VPAC dance room floor. The campus is adorned with new signage. We are hard at work replacing the administration building roofline. We’re not done, but we are pleased with our progress.  

This past week, an advance team of OECC, Elementary, and MUS teachers were at a workshop at Columbia University on the Writer’s project, a highly respected longitudinal initiative we are exploring this year to further refine our writing process, especially in the elementary years. MUS teachers met to fine tune our International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in preparation for our first graduating DP class, the first of its kind in the history of Puerto Rico. We welcome the second DP class, the Class of 2020. All our teachers were hard at work readying their classrooms for the return of students. Finally, we begin our self-study in September in preparation for next year’s Middle States reaccreditation, and IB PYP, MYP, and DP re-authorizations in 2020. 

Baldwin School is so very blessed. I am happy to report robust enrollment, a healthy financial position, and an esteemed reputation among our peers, within college admissions circles, and in the broader membership of the National Association of Independent Schools. This is possible because of your commitment to our school, the accomplishments of our amazing students, and the above and beyond efforts of our amazing staff, faculty, and administration. A big Bulls Shout Out to all!

Again, welcome back, and here’s to a great sy2018-19!

See you around campus!