Health and Wellness Week

Baldwin School Health and Wellness Week is Feb 11 - 15!

During this week, students will have the opportunity to participate in different conferences and activities related to wellness, healthy lifestyles and disease prevention.

We invite the entire Baldwin Community, (parents, employees, and students) to join us for the Health and Wellness Fair on Thursday, Feb 14 from 9-4pm in the VPAC.  


Wellness Fair Booths on Thursday February 14

  • PR Vector Control Program - Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya Prevention - César Piovanetti
  • Centro de Estudios Materno - Infantiles (Cemi) - Recinto De Ciencias Médicas - UPR - Karolyn González - Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Unicity Healthy meals and snacks, hot and cold tea, raffle  - Claribel Baez
  • Life Family Chiropractic (Pampering Day Massage) - Nairim Fernández 
  • - Lice prevention
  • Dr. Ingrid Puig  - Caparra Dental Care
  • Equilibrium Fitness Club
  • TOLIC - Insurance Company (Transoceanic Life Insurance) - Cancer Insurance
  • AFLAC Puerto Rico Insurance - Cancer Insurance
  • Triple S Salud - Weight and Body Mass Index Screening
  • Triple S Salud - Information about Nutrition, Balanced Diet, Salads and Healthy Snacks
  • Doctor’s Center - Glucose, Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Screening, Nutritionist
  • Servicios Preventivos de Puerto Rico - Mammography and Densitometry
  • Dr. Comas - Vaccination Clinic
  • Frappes & Más… -  Food, Natural Juices and Frappe
  • Guaynabo Mets Table Tennis - Edgardo Vázquez
  • Synergy Worldwide Puerto Rico - Stress Test and Cardiovascular System Screening
  • Universidad del Sagrado Corazón - Measurement and Evaluation of Physical Fitness
  • Medlife - Informative table about health and community service

Parents Together on Wednesday, February 13

Coffee with Dr. Mom on Wednesday, February 13 at 8:30am in the OECC Multipurpose Room. Join us for an enlightening conversation with a group of pediatric specialists, and our fellow Baldwin parents to discuss the following common concerns:

  • “Mom, I can’t read the board!” - Dr. Magda Elaine de Pool, Pediatric Ophthalmologist
  • “My belly hurts.” - Dr. Wihelma Echevarría, Pediatric Gastroenterologist
  • “Growing Pains: Myth or Reality?” - Dr. Elivette Zambrana, Pediatric Rheumatologist
  • “Polka Dots are back, so are the measles.” - Dr. Ana Cabezas - Pediatrician

Student Workshops during February 11 - 15

Middle Upper School
  • Brain and Exercise - 6th grade - Mr. James Otero
  • Team Building Event for 7th grade - Cumpleaños VIP
  • Leading Healthy Lifestyles - 8th grade
  • Self Esteem, Bullying and Suicide Prevention - 6th, 7th , 8th -Trayectos
  • Addressing Anxiety and Depression - 9th, 10th, 11th,12th - Trayectos
  • Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya Prevention - 9th - PR Vector Control Program
  • Contagious Diseases Prevention -  6th - Dr. Liv Cuyar
  • Why vaping is so dangerous for teens -  6th - 12th
Elementary School
  • Dental Hygiene - 1st - Dr. Ingrid Puig
  • Leading Healthy Lifestyles - Alive
  • The Importance of Physical Exercise - 3rd - Dr. Cesar Gómez
  • Personal Hygiene - 4th- Dr. Liv Cuyar
  • Team Building - 5th - Moisty
  • Personal Hygiene - PPK, PK, K - Dr. Sebastián Cambó

Vaccination Clinic

On Thursday February 14, 2019 Doctor Coma’s staff will offer a vaccination clinic at the VPAC from 1:00 to 4:00pm.

To participate in the clinic you must fill out the information requested on the form below and bring it to the Infirmary no later than Tuesday, February 12, 2019 . The day of the vaccination clinic you must bring the health insurance card(s) of the person(s) that will be receiving the vaccine. The cost of the vaccine will be billed to your health insurance. Reforma de Salud  and PROSSAM will not be accepted. The cost of the influenza vaccine for individuals whose medical insurance does not cover the shot is $25.00. Student’s parent/guardian (or designated adult) should be present during the vaccination process.

The day of the clinic, Dr. Comas’ staff will be offering the following vaccines:

  • Influenza
  • For teens aged 11 to 18: Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Meningococcal (MCV), Hepatitis A, Varivax, and  Tetanus and Pertussis (Tdap).
  • For people aged 60 and over: Shingles, Pneumonia, and Tdap. (Please note that Shingles vaccine is only by previous order).
  • Vaccines required by Puerto Rico Department of Health for children aged less than 11 years old.

If you have questions contact Baldwin School Nurse Betzaida Rivera at 787-720-2421 or


Mammography and Densitometry Screenings

As part of the Wellness Week activities, on Thursday February 14, 2019 Servicios Preventivos de Puerto Rico will be doing the following screenings: 45 Digital Mammography  for breast cancer prevention and 45 Digital Density Scans for osteoporosis prevention.

Servicios Preventivos will bring their Mobile Unit to give us these services on our campus from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM.  The mammography and the densitometry are for women 40 years or older. The following medical plans are accepted: MCS, First Plus Advantage,  MMM Advantage, Mapfre, Triple S, Humana, Menonita, PMC Advantage, PROSSAM, Panamericana Life, Blue Cross Blue Shield.

We have 11 spots available for the mammography and 15 spots for the densitometry. If you want to participate, please contact Baldwin School Nurse Betzaida Rivera by email or by phone 787-720-2421 ext 266.

The spaces will be saved in a first come first served basis.


For Baldwin Staff

Monday February 18 from 3:00 – 4:30 @ the VPAC – Strong  Zumba Workout by Equilibrium Fitness Club for Teachers and Staff


If you or your company offers health services and products and would like to participate, please contact Nurse Betzaida Rivera x266 or Coach Sheila Conley x230 for booth information.

Sponsored by Baldwin School Physical and Health Education Department and Baldwin School Wellness Program

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