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Art is a creative reflection of an individual's unique perspective. Baldwin students take pride in their artistic endeavors as both creators and performers. The goal of the Fine Arts program is to inspire the development of each student's natural talents by creating an ideal environment for artistic expression.

The Pre-school and Elementary curricula are enhanced by music and art courses allowing the student to begin developing an aesthetic appreciation for the Fine Arts. In the Middle and Upper School, students explore the arts further in the areas of their interest. Through the various facets of the Baldwin Fine Arts program our students develop sensitivity, imagination, and creativity in their personal expressions. 

  • Art Studios
  • Ceramics Studios
  • Music Recording Studios
  • Music Rooms
  • Dance Studios
  • A Visual and Performing Arts Center
  • Art Week
  • Día de Puertoriqueño
  • Holiday Programs
  • Spirit Week
  • Music Fest
  • Dance Fest
  • Shakespeare Fest
  • Soirée Francaise
  • Spring Play
  • Spirit Week
"My most memorable moment at Baldwin was the 2018 spring musical, Annie. I was Director and I learned so many lessons about leadership, commitment, organization, acting, and much more. I will always carry with me the joy and pride I felt at the end of that play. I will always cherish that moment on that stage"
- Constanza Zavala
Baldwin Class of 2018
Bentley University

"Join the Stage Company, I have learned so many important skills that I will use for the rest of my life."

Jose Vitorio Rodriguez
Baldwin Class of 2019
UPR - Rio Piedras