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Athletic Announcements & Schedules


April's showers bring...MORE BULLSports! We are in full Spring swing here at the Athletic Department and we have some more interesting things coming for ALL you rabid BULLS FANS!


Next week, we have our Mini BasketBULLS tournament on Fri. & Sat.! They begin regular season play on Tuesday here at Baldwin! Come out and support our teams this weekend! We also have the LAMEPI and PRHSAA Beach Volleyball tournament, a weeklong extravaganza of volleyball with different categories participating on different days of the week! Check the TWIS activity sheet to find out when your team will be in action! We also continue with Girls' Softball with a big doubleheader on Monday! Our FUTSAL teams are also in action, and if you have not seen them play, then make sure you catch that fast-paced action! Finally, our Track teams begin their season as well!


The week of April 15-20, we have our first International School Sports Tournament in Medellín, Colombia! We are all systems go for what we hope will be an incredible experience for our student-athletes! 


Girls Volleyball will have a scrimmage at Colegio Adianez on Monday at 7 pm for tournament prep!


REMINDER! PLEASE RETURN UNIFORMS TO THE ATHLETIC OFFICE ASAP! Unless you will be competing in the CISA tournament!


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 Always Remember... Go BULLS!



Special Reminders:  
  • Players need to bring their own water bottle and personal bag (if necessary).

Should you have additional questions feel free to contact our Athletics Director at [email protected] 

Weight Room


Weight Room is now open to students and staff!


The facility will be available Mon - Thu from 3:30pm to 5:00pm with supervisor Mr. Christian Mercado.


Sign up Google Sheet will be sent out to students for 30min time slots reservations. Please make sure you bring proper exercise attire and a towel to the weight room.



“…My volleyball coach [taught us] to work as one organism… Me and my teammates learned to completely trust in our own abilities and responsibility on and off the court. …We all learned to lose gracefully and win humbly, we learned that winning and losing come after the match is done and can’t be changed, but the effort we put into each play is a small step to victory itself.”

- Patrick Velazquez-Loinaz
Baldwin Class of 2020
University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez

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