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Athletic Announcements & Schedules

This week is chock full of BULLSports!
  • Girls Varsity Basketball vs Commoonwealth
  • Boys Youth Basketball at Cupeyville
  • Girls Varsity tennis vs Palmas
Tuesday - Mardi Gras! Les bontemps rouler!
  • Boys JV & Varsity Basketball vs Perpetuo
  • Girls JV & Varsity Soccer at Dorado
  • Boys Varsity Tennis vs Rosa-Bell
  • Boys & Girls Mini Soccer vs Perpetuo
Wednesday - Happy Valentine's Day
  • Boys Youth Basketball vs San Jose
  • Girls Varsity tennis vs Tasis
  • Boys JV & Varsity basketball vs Rosa-Bell
  • Boys Varsity Tennis vs Tasis
  • Boys & Girls Mini Soccer vs Robinson (330 & 430)
  • Girls JV & Varsity Soccer at St. John's
  • Boys Youth Basketball vs Antilles Middle School
In the weekend our Girls Varsity Basketball team plays Friday at 3pm in the Perpetuo Tournament. meanwhile our Boys JV & Varsity Basketball teams are at the Bonneville Tournament.
Awesome BULLSports week for you and your sweet baboo!
Always remember...GO BULLS!



Will your student be participating in Baldwin Athletics this year?

If yes, be sure to read the Athletic Parent Presentation and fill out the acknowledgement form on the last page to indicate you have read it.
All parents of athletes need to submit this form. Thank you for your cooperation!
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Gym Hours for students in 10th - 12th grades

The Baldwin Weight Room will be open Tuesdays & Thursdays from 3:30 - 5:00pm. Students in grades 10-12 can come in and work out with supervision by Sebastian Cambo, PE Teacher. (Mr. Cambo will be supervising the Weight Room, he will NOT be training students.) To use the weight room, regular rules will be in effect:

  • Proper Attire (t-shirt, shorts, sneakers).
  • Proper behavior (no horseplay)
  • Towel is mandatory