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Profile of Baldwin Graduates


Knowledgeable and Principled

Baldwin graduates have mastered the academic, technical and personal skills that will help them thrive at university and beyond. They apply what they have learned in meaningful, insightful and ethical ways. Our graduates have had numerous opportunities to engage in collaborative learning and principled action.


Passionate Learners and Critical Thinkers   

Baldwin graduates value learning as a life-long endeavor. They have the breadth and depth of vocabularies to articulate ideas clearly through oral, written, and visual expression. They have developed the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that enhance their ability to make sound decisions and reach logical conclusions.


Resilient and Courageous

Baldwin graduates are aware of their academic, personal, and communal strengths and limitations. They muster the focus, determination, and confidence to succeed in spite of challenges, while demonstrating resilience and optimism in the process.


Compassionate and Globally Aware

Baldwin graduates understand the importance of demonstrating kindness, empathy, and service to others. They seek ways to contribute in positive ways to their communities, at home and abroad. Baldwin graduates recognize the importance of taking care of their environment, promoting peace, respecting the dignity and rights of every individual, and helping humanity advance in a positive way.  


Balanced and Reflective

Baldwin graduates have the self-discipline and desire to pursue physical, mental, and emotional health. They reflect on their choices and seek opportunities for personal growth.