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Bus Transportation

Baldwin School coordinates student bus transportation in 3 areas.

*Spaces for transportation services are Full. Contact the business office for further information.
Area I
Serves areas nearest to the campus in parts of Guaynabo and Bayamon. 
Area II
Serves areas including Guaynabo (Reales, Caparra) and Río Piedras. 
Area III
Serves areas of Montehiedra and Los Paseos.
Service is offered by third-party providers and is only facilitated by Baldwin for our families. Fees are per semester and per child. For more information and registration, please contact the Transportation Department Coordinator, Mara Ramirez at 787-720-2421 x231.
Dorado - Baldwin
Independent Contractor. Baldwin is NOT responsible for the service. 
Omar Entivero
tel. 817-673-2775
Arrangements are made directly with Mr. Entivero. If interested you can complete the following Google Form