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Community Service

Community Service

The heart of Baldwin is its community. We believe in the dignity and worth of our students and recognize the importance of their responsibilities to their peers as well as the world beyond. Baldwin teachers are passionate, students are dedicated, and parents lend their support.
We search for opportunities to reach out and share our strengths with the community at large. Efforts such as the Scholarship Program—that provides full tuition coverage and academic support for students with high potential and limited economic means, the Art Program for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the school-wide Community Service Programs are examples of our community commitment.

Middle / Upper School Community Service Program

The purpose of the community service program is to provide all Baldwin middle and upper school students with the opportunity to have a positive impact on our community while learning that service to others is an on-going part of life.  We believe that when students take part in community service projects they develop skills not commonly found in the classroom and it encourages them to take an active leadership role in their communities. 

Every school year, students must fulfill the minimum community service requirement as follows:



Minimum Hours


Minimum Hours

6th Grade


9th Grade


7th Grade


10th Grade


8th Grade


11th Grade




12th Grade



"My most memorable moment at Baldwin School was giving the Next Generation check to the founder of the non-profit organization that the National Honor Society has helped throughout the year. All of the hard work and dedication was put forth in raising awareness and donations, in turn successfully raising $13,500 for the organization."
-Gary Sang
Baldwin Class of 2016
 The George Washington University