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Scholarship Program


Scholarship Program Guiding Philosophy

Baldwin’s community involvement in the educational process is an essential part of the "Baldwin Experience.” The shared participation of the administration, staff, parents, and students optimizes the benefits of our multi-cultural community.
The Baldwin School Scholarship Program offers qualified middle school prospective students with limited financial resources the opportunity to enrich his or her life while sharing abilities, talents and aspirations with the Baldwin community. Scholarship applicants must meet the academic requirements and be motivated to learn and excel. Parents are expected to perform a supporting role in this process. The guiding philosophy stresses the reciprocal nature of the Scholarship Program whereby recipients benefit from the opportunity to broaden their horizons and at the same time contribute to making Baldwin a better and more diverse community.
Filosofía detrás del Programa de Becas
Parte esencial de la "Experiencia Baldwin" es la participación de la comunidad en el proceso educativo. La participación en conjunto de la administración, facultad, padres y estudiantes optimiza los beneficios de nuestra comunidad multicultural. 
El programa de Becas de Baldwin School ofrece a estudiantes de escuela intermedia con recursos financieros limitados la oportunidad de enriquecerse mediante el compartir de talento, aspiraciones, y habilidades dentro de la comunidad escolar. Solicitantes deben cumplir con los criterios académicos requeridos y tener la motivación de aprender y sobresalir. Se espera un rol de apoyo de los padres durante el proceso de selección. La filosofía del programa enfatiza la naturaleza de reciprocidad mediante el estudiante como beneficiario de oportunidades para expandir sus horizontes académicos y a su vez siendo contribuyente de diversidad en la comunidad, creando así un mejor Baldwin.

Program History

Several years of careful consideration and planning went into establishing our Scholarship Program. Extensive research studies were carried out to ensure that our Program would prosper and grow. In August 1998 the Program was established, and today, thanks to a group of wonderful parents, friends and contributors, a select group of students are receiving full scholarships and thriving in their respective academic, social and athletic endeavors.

Each year, the Scholarship Committee composed of eleven volunteer members representing our Board of Directors, Administration, Parents and Faculty, meet candidates and begin the process of interviews and applications. Two students will be selected each year to join our student community, with the intention of seeing them graduate and become successful adults.


Direct Donation

We are extremely proud of our excellent group of scholarship students and their success. Your opportunity to help continue to strengthen the program is through a direct donation to the Scholarship Fund. 

Click here to make a donation to the Scholarship Program through the Baldwin Annual Fund


Corporate Donor/Foundations

Baldwin School is fortunate in having a strong group of Corporate Donors whose vision and commitment are essential to the success of this program. Their annual support of the Scholarship Endowment Fund secures a solid foundation for the selection of many students in the years ahead.

Annual Golf Escapade

The annual Golf Escapade Tournament has benefitted the Scholarship Program for many years. We invite you to be part of this wonderful event that takes place during the Spring semester. Contact the Advancement and Development Office at [email protected] or call us at 787-720-2421 x250 / 245 / 275 to make a gift or for more information.


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"Baldwin School is a nurturing community; nevertheless, you need to be willing to work hard to be successful. Our school is challenging, yet it is a fun and joyous environment. Learning is unique for every student; Baldwin school provides its students with the tools they need to progress."

- Patricia Ramirez-Miranda
Baldwin Class of 2020
Sewanee - The University of the South