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Dear Baldwin community,
Back in March of last year, we started a search for the best technological tools that would address our cafeteria needs in providing a service that would comply with the school’s protocols as well as our own. In other words, to keep us all safe and healthy while providing food services. The main goals included:
  1. 100% contactless deposits and payments
  2. Pre-order lunch platform
  3. Individualized and pre-packaged orders
After exhaustive research, we invested in a platform called Payschools Central. It was and still is, the more advanced and effective method to reach our goals since you can do everything in one place. 
In Payschools Central you can:
  1. Register to manage the cafeteria account
  2. Add money (make deposits) into the cafeteria account to pay for lunch
  3. Pre-order your meals
  4. Program things like auto-replenish so you never run out of funds
  5. Program messages for lunch balance
We have developed many tools to help you through the process and we remain available as always for all your questions. 
Below you will find a summary of our upcoming services and all the steps and tools needed to get lunch at the campus. 


We will continue providing fresh foods featuring high-quality ingredients customary to Aliveschool
  1. Food will be individually packed
  2. Packaged in labeled bags identified by student and location
  3. Delivered to classrooms and/or school designated area for pick up
  4. Registration to Payschools Central is required to access the lunch order platform
  5. Accounts must show at least a 30.00 balance in the account to cover a week’s worth of pre-ordered meals. Insufficient funds may result in an incomplete transaction.



If you are a returning parent or staff member that used to make deposits and manage the cafeteria account, you will see the balances when registering in Payschools Central. 

Follow Step #1 for more information. 
Step #1   Register and set up your contactless payment in Payschools Central  
Registration to Payschools Central is required to access the lunch order platform.
This is the platform/website that will also give you access to make payments and monitor the cafeteria account. If you had a Payforit account, you will see instructions in the step-by-step manual as well.

Access step-by-step instructions by clicking HERE

Step #2  Add Students/Staff
Using the information sent to you via email by add each student(s) interested in lunch services. * 
If you have more than one student enrolled at school or you are a staff member, you must register each student and staff member separately. 
* If you haven’t received the information please email us 
Access the tutorial HERE
Step #3   Make a Deposit in the accounts 
WARNING! Adding a method of payment does not mean there is money in the account.  You must make a deposit which will be reflected in the balance. Accounts must show an amount enough to cover at least a week’s worth of meals (Minimum $30-$40 depending on the grade and meal chosen). Insufficient funds may result in an incomplete lunch order transaction as the system may allow you to place the order but keep it pending for lack of funds.   
Access the tutorial HERE
Step #4    Pre-order Lunch
Make sure to pre-order lunch as soon as the menu becomes available. Menus may be available as early as Tuesdays and sometimes two weeks ahead of time. A table showing deadline information is in the tutorial.
Access the tutorial HERE
You are all set! 
As always, we remain at your service for further questions via email.
Ysa & Maria Elena


Aliveschool™ is the leader in healthy school cafeteria services in Puerto Rico. Our mission is simple: to provide good, healthy food that tastes great. Our menus reflect high-quality ingredients, a variety of food offerings, and healthy cooking methods. We are proud to be part of the Baldwin community as we aspire to develop children’s palates, expand their minds and attitudes about food, and guide them to develop lifetime habits of good nutrition.



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