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Campus Protocols


The Baldwin School of Puerto Rico continues to be committed to providing a safe learning and working environment for students and employees. To this end, considerable thought was given to the development of health and safety protocols in advance of the start of the 2021-22 school year, the campus services provided, and permitted activities. The protocols on our website are informed by the Puerto Rico Department of Health’s Guidelines for Schools and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), among others.

It is the aim of Baldwin School to provide a complete experience for its students, with an understanding that our campus life may continue to be different for some period of time. The school’s response continues to be scalable and proportional to conditions as they change.  It is our deep belief to preserve the importance of face-to-face education and adapt as we ask our students and families to do so.

Any of the protocols described below may be deployed in whole or in part as conditions warrant. These protocols are subject to change as advanced planning and real-time conditions warrant. As of August 2021, we ask families and employees to follow our COVID flowcharts to help determine the right steps and to seek out the Health Team should they have any questions. All persons—students, parents, Baldwin School employees, visitors, and third parties—are subject to these protocols while on campus. It is the ongoing obligation of all parents, employees, visitors, and third parties to review and comply with any updated and revised protocol, as well as those that may be added as circumstances warrant.

To communicate with the school nurses regarding any COVID related incident, use the following email:


Campus Health and Safety Protocols 2021-2022

In starting the school year on campus for August 2021, Baldwin School will continue to employ a number of CDC/UNESCO/WHO recommended strategies and enact the Puerto Rico Health Department's guidelines throughout the school day to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. These include:
  • Mandatory use of properly fitted masks: The universal use of surgical masks, regardless of vaccination status, is mandatory for all students, faculty/staff, visitors, outside vendors, etc. No one is allowed on campus without a properly fitted mask.
  • Physical distancing: Continue to establish social distance practices. All classrooms are using transparent individual barriers at desks, spaced out tables, specific ingress, and egress protocols, and staggered outdoor lunch and play/recess times. Elementary and OECC classes have been scheduled in cohorts to limit interaction among grade levels and within grade levels, etc.
  • Systemic Screening: All students will go through morning temperature checks in classrooms and advisory in the morning prior to starting classes.
  • Monitoring: Continuous monitoring throughout the school day for COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Modifications in school-based programming: In addition to smaller cohort-based classes for OECC as well as hand sanitizer stands placed all around the campus. 
  • Ventilation: Air purifiers and filters are placed in all classrooms and common spaces.
  • Lunches: Pre-packed individual lunches delivered to each school division and either outdoor seating or designated indoor, physically distanced spaces.
  • Isolation, Testing, and Contact Tracing: In the event of a suspected case of COVID-19, employees and students will be isolated until they leave campus. Testing will be required of all employees or students displaying COVID-19 symptoms. Contact tracing will be conducted to determine risks of exposure, and relevant parties will be notified. Our SafeTrac system will provide information for contact tracing and communication to the community. 
  • Communications: In the event of a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, staff, and families will be informed, and appropriate mitigation actions will be taken. 

The universal use of masks, regardless of vaccination status, is mandatory for all students, faculty/staff, visitors, outside vendors, etc. Students and faculty/staff must wear surgical masks during the school day (no cloth masks). No one is allowed on campus without a properly fitted mask. The PR Department of Health recommends against the use of masks with ventilation attachments or other respiration valves.

The School has a supply of adult and child masks and other PPE available for students and employees at any time. 


In Puerto Rico, the PR Department of Health’s Administrative Order addressed towards the education sector (No. 509 of July 22, 2021) establishes the requirement to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition to attend school for students, teachers, and other school personnel, with the exception of those with medical or religious exemptions only.

Following the Department of Health’s Guide for the Prevention of COVID-19 in Schools K-12 (pub. July 22, 2021), it is our requirement that Baldwin families who have had their child (age 12+)  partially or fully vaccinated, will have communicated it to the School by uploading their child’s vaccination card to the Magnus Portal, or otherwise submitted the Vaccination Opt-Out Form and other required documents to our Infirmary office prior to the start of the school year. 

To make sure we know our families’ status and begin the school year safely, please ensure you have performed the tasks below:

  1. Log in to the Magnus Portal to upload your child’s vaccination card. Feel free to contact our school nurse, Betzaida Rivera, for help with this task.
  2. If your child in 7th - 12th grade has not received a vaccination or will not be able to be fully vaccinated by August 11th, please complete this form. 

Non-vaccinated students or employees: In addition to the Opt-Out Form, students in grades 7-12 and employees who decide to opt-out of vaccination due to medical or religious reasons are required to submit a negative PCR / antigen test weekly. The negative test must be submitted to the Principal’s office or the Nurse every Monday before drop-off. 

Vaccination Coordination: If your child is eligible for vaccination and you would like assistance with setting up an appointment with our partners, please contact our nurses, Betzaida Rivera and Ileana Banks or Laura Montalvo. In the future, when the vaccination age window opens for children 5 - 11 years old, we will host a vaccination clinic for our students on campus.

Screening: In addition to the requirement of all unvaccinated faculty/staff and unvaccinated 7-12 students to submit a weekly negative PCR test, Baldwin will conduct monthly random PCR screenings for students, with a particular focus on elementary and OECC students. We will require health consent forms from families as we begin the school year.


SafeTrac is the tracking and tracing software implemented last year to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 on campus. It is a combination of a Health app and a Bluetooth low-energy wristband designed to keep you and the School informed in case of transmission. As we prepare for the return of our students, below is important information about SafeTrac that will help you navigate the system for the first time. No student or faculty/staff will be allowed on campus without their wristband. 

Daily Routine before arriving on campus

There are two tasks you need to perform before you arrive on campus:

  1. Answer the daily Health Check questions and
  2. Sync your child’s wristband. This SafeTrac Daily Routine guide serves as a quick reference. The purpose of the daily health check is to ensure your child is not sick or has been exposed to the virus, and should stay home. 

Reporting a Positive case: To report a positive COVID test and activate the alert system, you need to contact the call center through the app or send your PCR result to Our Nurses are also able to activate the system internally upon receiving the positive test result. Please note that the call center will not answer technical-related questions about the app or bracelet troubleshooting. For any doubts or questions regarding SafeTrac, visit our SafeTrac Information page or contact Laura Montalvo, Executive Assistant to the Head of School / SafeTrac Project Manager.


SafeTrac Travel Declaration


safetrac travel declaration

Baldwin families should expect slower ingress and egress times in the initial days of school. We have neighboring schools that will also contribute to the increased traffic volume at drop-off and pick-up times. Please practice patience, plan accordingly, and follow all of our guards' instructions. 

Students need to be dropped off at their respective school departments. If you have multiple children across divisions, you will need to make multiple stops. The drop-off and pick up times per area are as follows:

  • OECC: Drop-off: 8:00 am / Pick Up: 2:45 pm
  • Elementary School: Drop-off: 7:45 am / Pick-Up: 2:50 pm
  • Middle / Upper School: Drop-Off: 7:45 am / Pick-Up: 3:15 pm

**Note: Once a cycle (on D-Days) Middle / Upper School students will be dismissed at 2:45 pm.


Drop Off / Pick Up at OECC and Elementary School West Gate area

If you plan to access the OECC when exiting Baldwin School through the West gate, you will not be allowed to make a left-hand entry at the OECC. You must reach Santa Ana Ave., make a left-hand turn, and get in the line along the Baldwin perimeter.

Parents picking up their child through the OECC and Elementary School west gate must refrain from creating double traffic lines while waiting for the gates to open in the morning and afternoon. This is a dangerous practice that can result in an unfortunate accident. Cars are to line up in a single line along Santa Ana Avenue.

drop off/pick up



Fully vaccinated travelers (Students, Employees, Parents/Guardians):

If the traveler is an employee, a student, a student’s  parent/guardian, or a close household member, that is fully vaccinated (fully vaccinated means that 2 weeks or more have passed after having received the second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna Vaccines, or single dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine), the traveler must:

  • Notify their school principal, teachers, and the School Nurse of the destination, departure and arrival date of travel.
  • Employees should notify their immediate supervisor, HR Director, and the School Nurse the destination, departure, and arrival day of travel. 
  • Employees, students, and student’s household members must submit a copy of the Covid-19 Original Vaccination Record Card.
  • Upon presenting this information, fully vaccinated students and employees will be able to continue attending in-person learning or work without the need to quarantine. 
  • A non fully vaccinated student or employee must stay home for 48 hours after the household vaccinated travel’s return and get tested. The student or employee must submit a negative antigen test in order to return to school or work. If a positive result occurs on the antigen test, it must be followed up with a PCR test. If the PCR result is negative, the student or employee may return to campus. Should the PCR test result be positive, a 10-day quarantine needs to be observed by the student or employee.

Non-Vaccinated Travelers (Students, Employees, Parents/Guardians, family members, or friends outside of the immediate household):

If the traveler is a student, an employee, a parent/guardian, immediate or outside household member, of a student or of an employee that is over 2 years old and is not fully vaccinated (having received only one dose of the Covid - 19 authorized vaccines Pfizer or Moderna, or not having any single-dose vaccine from Johnson & Johnson), the traveler must:

  • Parents must notify their school principal, child’s teachers, and the School Nurse of the destination, the departure, and arrival date of travel. 
  • Employees should notify their immediate supervisor, HR Director, and the School Nurse of the destination, the departure, and arrival date of travel. 
  • Upon the non-vaccinated traveler’s return (back to Puerto Rico) they must provide evidence of a negative molecular PCR test performed within 72 hours prior to arrival to PR or get a PCR test within 48 hours of arrival to PR.
  • Fully vaccinated members from the same or different household do not need to quarantine or provide a negative PCR test in order to return to school or work after the non fully vaccinated traveler’s return. 
  • For non fully vaccinated members of the same or different household, the student or employee must stay home for 48 hours after the non-vaccinated travel’s return. The student or employee must submit the traveler’s negative PCR test in order to return to school or work. If a positive result occurs, a 10 -day quarantine needs to be observed by the student or employee.

If an employee feels sick during the regular school day, he/she is to inform their immediate supervisor and nurse and vacate the campus immediately. 

If a student feels sick, they will be sent to one of the designated isolation rooms and receive medical attention from one of our nurses. The parents will be notified so they can pick the child up from school and subsequently visit their primary healthcare physician. 

Our Covid safety cleaning crew will proceed to clean and disinfect all areas the sick employee or student occupied prior to leaving the campus.


Positive Case Notification

  • Any person that tests positive for COVID-19 must stay home and notify the correct team: Employees need to notify and send their results to their immediate supervisor, HR Director, and School nurses. Students’ parents must notify and send their results to the Principal's office and School nurses. The affected person must complete a 10-day quarantine before returning to campus.
  • Once the positive result is reported to Safetrac and the alert system activated, the School will send official communication prompting all users to perform the health check and sync their wristbands to assess the risk level.


Positive Case(s) within the Baldwin Household

If a positive case is reported amongst members of the same Baldwin household, the employee or student (and any Baldwin sibling(s) need to quarantine for 10 days regardless of vaccination status.

In this case, students will be granted access to our virtual program for the duration of the quarantine period. OECC and Elementary school parents need to contact the nurses and division principal in order to facilitate this option.

MUS parents need to contact the nurses. The nurses will inform the Principal and Academic support team in order to coordinate the virtual programming for the affected student(s). The teachers will be notified directly by the academic support team. Please do not reach out to them directly. Managebac is the direct line of communication between parents/students and the teachers.


Contact Tracing

  • Safetrac is essential to ensuring a proper tracking and tracing procedure. Nonetheless, our School Nurses will always follow up with the positive case as part of our due diligence and to gather all the necessary information. 
  • The Nurse is required to report any positive case and notify the number of exposed individuals to the municipal epidemiologist and Department of Health.

Returning to Campus/Work

The individual that tested positive may report back to campus after 10 days, as long as there are no symptoms present. A medical release may be requested to ensure the individual is able to return. 

A vaccinated individual exposed to a positive case is not required to isolate after exposure to a positive case, but may be referred for testing. A non-vaccinated individual exposed to a positive case needs to quarantine for 5 days and get tested before returning to campus.


STUDENT COVID CASE FLOWCHART:    (for Faculty & Staff, see PDF directly below)

student Covid case flowchart


Physical distancing markers to separate students:
  1. Sidewalk markings outside of classrooms, bathrooms, ingress/egress points. 
  2. Floor tape delineating student workspace at desks or tables.
  3. Directional arrows for hallways and pathways. 
  4. A clear plexiglass shield system mounted atop desks, tables, and workspaces. 

To mitigate against the spread of infection, students and faculty/staff are allowed on campus during school hours. Pick-up and drop-off will be curbside only for parents in all three divisions and parent conferences will be conducted remotely via Zoom or similar in the first semester. In addition, only students and faculty/staff will be allowed on campus during middle/upper school activities. Students will be picked up at the assigned pick-up area. Parents must wait in their cars while the child is taken to the pick-up location.

Vendors and third-party services will be strictly limited to essential activity, must be vaccinated, and allowed on campus by appointment only. Vendors and third parties are subject to temperature checks and social-distancing protocols throughout the period of concern.


Our cafeteria service provider is Alive School

All services will be contactless, convenient, and easily accessible through an online platform.   Once registered, you can pre-order lunch for your child(ren), make deposits, and monitor the lunch accounts.   

Lunches for all grade levels (PPK-12) must be pre-ordered, are individually packed in labeled bags for each student, and delivered to the school division’s designated area for lunch. 

For more information on how to set up and/or register for lunch services visit and/or email:


Official school communication is transmitted through the Veracross portal to the entire community or targeted Baldwin groups. A weekly newsletter titled the Campus Connection is published every Friday to summarize important news and accomplishments of the week and make important announcements for the upcoming week. COVID-related information and updates will continue to be captured on the website.

Our social media platforms are great resources for news and to stay current on campus and student life. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and subscribe to our Youtube channel for live streams.


Communication in case of emergency

In the event of an emergency, all communication will be made via Veracross and our social media platforms. Veracross also has an SMS texting feature that can broadcast quick SMS text messages to our families. 


After school activities and aftercare for the younger non-vaccinated age groups are currently on hold during the period of concern in order to avoid mixing cohorts. This will be re-evaluated as the vaccination window opens for those age groups and as we review the larger community’s transmission rates.

As with our classes during the day, students in 7th - 12th grade will be able to participate in after-school activities as long as they have provided the required documentation. Interscholastic games will also follow guidelines of producing negative COVID tests for unvaccinated players.


Play areas include OECC interior play spaces, OECC exterior play spaces, Elementary playground, soccer field, fieldhouse, exterior courts, and tennis courts. Access to play spaces will be subject to staggered scheduling so as to ensure reduced group size by period and/or support cohort monitoring. Students will interact only with their classroom cohorts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. All standing play surfaces will be sanitized throughout the day.


For the 2021-22 school year, our expectation is that our classes will begin and continue in-person or, due to government or administrative safety measures, we need to move our classes completely online. We expect that all students who are healthy come to school in person. Should a child be unable to attend for a short period, the School can provide resources and updates depending on the age and grade level. 

Students who live with close relatives (members of the same household) who are immuno-compromised or at high risk of becoming seriously ill with Covid-19 (with special medical needs such as chemotherapy, organ transplants, etc.) may work with the School to establish virtual learning accommodations. To make this accommodation, the family must present a written request from the doctor who treats the family member stating the reasons and the length of time that the accommodation will be implemented. Once approved, the school’s Principal and teaching team will coordinate with the student(s) and family. Please contact your child(ren)’s Principal if this needs to be considered. 

Students or classes who need to quarantine due to positive COVID cases will attend classes and receive instruction online for a specific period of time.

Should Baldwin be required to close campus due to government restrictions or the administration deem it unsafe for students to attend in-person, Baldwin will move to a fully online program and communicate as such.