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School Calendar

Stay automatically updated by adding the school calendar to your device. Click the "subscribe" link on the Baldwin School Calendar page.
Please note, the calendar is subject to change at any time.

To view next year's letterhead calendar with the most important dates for the 2022-2023 school year, click here.


Books and Supplies 

You can order books and supplies at Librería Contemporánea website. Librería Contemporánea will have Baldwin School books and materials available throughout the year for sale through their website or in person at one of Librería Contemporánea's locations.
*Please note that you have the option to purchase books and supplies anywhere you choose.


School Health Procedures and Forms

For questions regarding Baldwin School Health requirements please contact Nurse Ileana Banks at [email protected] or Nurse Betzaida Rivera at [email protected].

Access your secure Magnus Health SMR (Student Medical Record) account through your Veracross Parent Portal Home Page with the same login credentials you use for Veracross.
The following Required Health Forms are available here to print, complete with your physicians, and upload as PDF files :
  1. Physical Examination and Health Assessment Form - All grades
  2. Eye Exam and Visual screening Form - grades- PPK-PK-K-1-3
  3. Audiology Evaluation Form - grades PPK-PK-K-1-3
  4. Dental Health Certification Form - grades K-2-4-6-8-10
  5. Immunization Record (Green PVAC-3) - Up to date Puerto Rico Health Department form available through your pediatrician.
* PVAC-3 is Required for All New Students and Returning Students ages:
    • Four (4) years old
    • Eleven (11) years old 
    • Sixteen (16) years 
    • Any student administered a new vaccine



Olimac Uniform Authority is our exclusive supplier for school and P.E. uniforms.

218 Laurel Ave
Minillas Industrial Park, Bayamón
Tel: 787-787-2830 

Link to map of Olimac Uniform Authority:


Bulls Pride Shirt Order Form


Student Handbooks 

Please note that students handbooks are located in the Veracross Parent Portal.
Log in to your Veracross Parent Portal account; go to the Parent Resource Links; there you will find all of the handbooks that pertain to your child's school level.


Tutorials for parents and students


Additional Documents